Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #31 -Reply

> All the Malaysian aquatic plant farms are in Johor. You >>>can see many reference to Johor or south-west of Malaya >peninsular in Rataj's book.
This is my first response, so accept my apologies if my response or query is inappropriate.  Your discussion with KB KOH (from Malaysia?) prompted me to request for further information regarding any addresses for plant farms in Johor.  The reason for my 
interest stems from my recent visit to the '95 Aquarama Conference in Singapore, after which I made a fleeting visit to Jahor in an attempt to visit some plant farms there.  (I should add that I previously visited a large plant farm - Oriental - in Singa
pore during the 1993 Aquarama Conference which was very impressive).  Unfortunately, poor communication meant I ended up at a Shrimp farm (all just "aquaculture" to my host!), while insufficient time (had to catch a plane back in Singapore the same day!)
 meant - No plant farms!  Anyway I'm likely to get back to Malaysia sometime maybe next year, so I was keen to get it right next time.  Any help greatly appreciated.
John Clayton