Plant buy-trade...

Hi there,  I am officially de-lurking.  (only my second psot).  I have been 
reading about the possibility of a group purchase of plants...I would like to 
join in!  I also would like to know if anyone near Portland Oregon would
like to 
discuss trading or selling some plants (no stores sell decent plants around
I have a 55 gal that is stocked with various plants... E. bleheri, anubias,
and some varieties of Val.  For the most part everything is doing good.  I
use only Dupla products,thanks for advice George, and do weekly water
changes of about 15 gallons.  I currently use diy Co2, but that is becoming
a real pain in the rear to change it out every 6 days!  

               Thanks for the good advice everyone! 

              Mark Jackson              buzzard at teleport_com  
              Portland Oregon---home of some of the best microbrew in the