Re: Amano & Mike T.

Hi Dan,

>From: "Dan Resler" <resler at liberty_mas.vcu.edu>
>Date: Sun, 17 Sep 1995 22:29:14 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Amano & Mike T.
>Just had a long conversation with Mike T. at Delaware Aquatics (easy
>to do - the man is not lacking in opinions <g>). Anyway, Amano's book
>came up. He was chuckling because everyone under the sun has been
>calling him asking for Riccia. And he talks them all out of using it,
>saying it just won't work. Mike claims that the stuff will look like
>the pictures for about 3 weeks, then everything next to the rocks
>starts rotting and it all goes to h*ll. Has anybody out there actually
>tried tying this stuff to rocks to see how it will do?

I did. It does well and grows but it rots after a while. I've had
a good success with it though. Not tied up of course,after all we 
live in 20th century ;) but just floating it above my large piece
of driftwood. I also have it growing on a gravel but have to prune
it often so it's only 1" to 2" thick otherwise (yes, you probably 
guessed) bottom part will decay.

>He also mentioned that everyone wants Glossostigma (who wouldn't after
>seeing Amano) but he can't get it *anywhere*. He claims that Europeans
>can't either - he gets calls from Germany asking for it! (Odd - its
>listed in Dennerle). 

I orderd it last year(Sept94) from Tropica and it came in excellent condition.
At that time my setup included 26" high tank and I only had two "cool" and 
one Vitalite flourescent strips. Even so, Glossostigma did send out some
runners and start to spread. I have dismantled that tank since and that is 
one of the plants who didn't "make it" to the new Hi-tech one.