Sources for pennywort/ID questions

I am currently messing around with a 10 gal. planted tank, trying things 
until I can get a space set up for a proper (75 gal or so) plant tank. I 
have a couple of plant questions. One plant I have seen in some of the 
Tetra books is Pennywort. Is there a US source of this? I would like to 
establish some at the front of the tank as a carpet.

Secondly, I bought a plant IDed at the store as "Pusillia sp.". It is a 
plant with grasslike leaves about 3-5 mm across and 40-50 mm long. Anyone 
know what it might be?

Thanks to all of you. I've learned a lot by lurking here.

BTW, what happened to the rec.aquaria split? I lost track of the RFD (as 
I was running a split myself at the time it came up.

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