In this new era of Glasnost I thought I should make a 'corydorus-like'
dash from the depths and de-lurk for few seconds!

Hello plant people, I'm Mick Nally from Fife in Scotland. It apears 
that my nearest list neighbour so far is in Warsaw!

I am currently running a successful lo-tech plant tank along the 
following lines. 40 Gallon, Triton fluorescent lighting, RUGF powered 
by a Fluval 303, gravel substrate, medium fish load: 1 pl*c, shoal of
corys, shoal of neons and glowlights, all basic stuff. 

Despite this lo-tech (no-tech) setup, I think my plant growth is good.   
Vallisneria Outofcontroli 8' long spreading runners all over the place,
and needing to be thinned weekly.
Anubias Nana going great, started with 3 potted plants 2 yrs ago and now
about 60% of the substrate is covered by this lush plant, the rhyzome and
root system are strong and thick, frequent flowerings.
Anubias Barteri doing well, 1 new leaf per month, 2 plants.
Anubias Congensis surviving, about 8 mths old 5 plants, several new leaves
but doesn't seem to reach text book height.
Rampant Duckweed, started with single leaf tangled up with other plant
purchase and it now completely carpets the surface when allowed, I usually
remove as much as I can by net monthly leaving only the unreachable bits to
start a new carpet.
Bacopa thick and green, floating free.
Amazon Swords not as good, plenty of growth and lasting well after 2 yrs
but they always look spindly and pale, I think it is mainly the pl*c's rasping
to blame.

I realise these are mostly considered as easy specimens but the tank looks
green and healthy. Algae is not a problem, there are small traces here and
there but the plants are mostly untouched and the glass front is clear. The
pl*c has a huge appetite and I think is responsible for cleaning the glass.
She is also very messy so I hoover the gravel about once a month. I very rarely
add any fertillizer, (can't remember the last time). 

I think the trick with the algae lies in dense planting and allowing the plants
to out-compete for nutrients. The tank has been established for over 2 yrs,
I had the usual startup problem with hair algae etc but this disappeared when
the duck weed and valis took hold. 

Anyway, that's plenty for now, I'm away to lurk beneath an anubias leaf.