Request for Plant Pix, Sketches

Hi.  I've got a new update to the Krib
(at http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~aquaria/Krib)

I added in a whole lot of postings from here and rec.aquaria that have
been collecting dust in my "inbox", heavily weighted towards plant species
descriptions.  I also added a bunch of miscellaneous pictures to illustrate
some of the articles.  Might want to check them out. 

Meanwhile, I'd like to encourage you budding photographers to send me 
species photos of your plants or fish.  I have no grandiose plans of 
illustrating every aquatic plant, but the more the better...  E-mail me if 
you're interested.

 - Erik

Erik D. Olson					              I'm baaaack!
eriko at wrq_com (was olson at phys_washington.edu)