Re: ID sandblasting sand

>From: gtong at SIRIUS_COM (G.Tong)
>Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 09:35:16 -0700
>Subject: ID sandblasting sand
>I joined the list in the middle of a discussion about using autobody
>sandblasting sand for substrate.
>Can anyone give me more specific information? I called around yesterday and
>was told autobody shops use a variety of sands. Is there a grading I should
>ask for, or a name? Thank you.

I was in the same quest last year looking for sandblasting gravel #0 or
6x16 mesh (not for the autobody, though). This is the same size recommended
by The Optimum Aquarium book. I called George Booth's source in Texas and 
they said that they would ship me 100 lbs bag. The sand costs $10 but the
shipment costs $50 ! I called several building material stores in the SF 
Bay area and finally found one. It's in San Jose (California, NOT
Costa Rica :) ). The store name is Clementina. They have several branches
but I know only the one in San Jose. Their phone number is 408-383-9270.
Ask for "Medium Aquarium Gravel". It sells for about $9 for 100 lbs bag.
I have no problem with rising pH or KH whatsoever and it passed the 
vinegar test.