Re: CT Plant Folk, Conferencing and Apono Seeds

Subject:Connecticut Plant Folk

> BTW - I live near Haven, CT (and yes, I think New Haven is as > 
> awful a city as you heard, but grad school is only 5 years).
> One of the things I find most difficult at the novice stage of t
> (where I am) is finding sources (of info, of equipment, of tank
> inhabitants...)  I am at the point where I am disappointed in th
> I have found in my areas (most are pitiable and misinformed, oth
> only running a business).  There may be stores I don't know of, 
> I think I really need at this stage is a local guru or aquarium 
> (I heard once that New Haven has one, but if so it is not listed
> large FAQ list of them - society that is;  there is no guru list
> the FAQs).  Thus a list of people who are more or less nearby to
> interest and experience in plant tanks would be a good thing.

I don't know how far you are from Norwalk, but there is a thriving 
Aquarium Society there.  There is also one in Danbury.

Norwalk is having their annual event on Sept. 30 - Oct. 1, at the 
Nature Center in Westport, CT.  I will be speaking there Saturday, 
the 30th.  There will be another speaker as well, although I don't 
know who, or what the topic of the other talk will be. If you are 
interested in attending, drop me an E-mail, and I'll fill in the 


Subject: FISHROOM discussions on aquatic plants 


> I am curious why more people from this list don't participate in
> weekly online discussions on aquatic plants. All you need is tel
> access to Internet.
> The currently scheduled time is 9:00 PM GMT, or 4:00 PM Eastern 
> (USA) on Saturdays.
> Is the time inconvenient for a lot of people?  If so, we could m
> the meetings to another time.  Maybe we should move the meeting 
> weekday?  Also, would it help if we had a theme for each meeting
> as "Great algae growth in three easy steps"? :-)

My first reason for not conferencing is that I haven't a clue how 
to do it.  I'm not even sure if my software can.

Second, 4:00 on Saturday afternoon, I'm usually deeply embroiled 
in some family activity, and not thinking about computer stuff... 
particularly with the great weather we've had recently!<g>  I know 
it's tough to find a time that suits everybody.  This was even a 
problem on Fishnet, and there weren't many people outside the U.S. 
involved there.


Subject: Re: Apon. seeds


> Did you do anything special to your flower stalk?  E.g. brush it
> fly around it?   I've had several flower stalks come off my Apon
> but nothings ever developed - what's the secret?

The biggest variable is that not all Aponogetons are self-fertile. 
I think about 60% of commercial hybrids _are_, but that still 
leaves lots of hybrids, and many species (not that you often see 
them commercially) that are not.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Assoc.
Boston, MA