algea bloom

	I have recently purchased some new plant fertilizers (Kent) which
contain a lot more iron than the Tetra FloraPride I was using.  Well I
overdosed the fertilizer and with the lights on for more than they should
have been on.... I have green water and my angelfish don't look "happy"
and aren't eating well.  For first two or three days, all my swords were
"bubbling" but then everything went down hill.  The tank is a 55G, lit
with 2 40W 48" bulbs for 14hrs/day.  Ph is at 6.6, Kh ~1.5-2.0 I use DIY
CO2 24hrs/day.  no air stone.  Penguin 300 bio-wheel with water level high
enough for the spray bar to sit on the water surface so it doesn't
aggetate the surface much (no carbon in the filter - cut it out)  The fish
load is light - 2 angles (2.5") 6 cardinals, 5 ottos.  What's the best way
to get rid of this problem?  I stopped fertilizing, reduced light hrs to
8, and have been doing 10% water changes daily.  The water is still green
and one of the angles hasn't eaten since this started (6 days now); the
other one eats but not as well as it once did.  Thanks for your help.