Re: allelochemicals + other stuff

> > I've noticed that whenever any part of Echinodorus sp. touch Ludwiga 
> > Repens, that part of E. will become transparent and eventually a hole. 
> > Is this the effect of alleochemical released by the Ludwiga? Anybody 
> > else experience this? I've thrown out all my Ludwigia due to this.

I have two Echinodorus (bleheri?) in my 150 liter tank, and some Ludwigia
repens (or L. repens x palustris) on one side of the tank, totally
tangled with one of the swords - the bigger and greener one!  No holes,
no transparency, and Ludwigia looks rather good too.

Tonid's algae problem:
Probably red algae, and SAEs eat it.  If they are not available in
Poland, you don't have too long to travel to find some from Germany
or here from Finland.  You can reach Helsinki by boat.  Where do your
shops normally get their fishes and plants?  If they some of them come
straight from Singapore or from Germany, you should be able to locate
a wholesaler who has SAE on his lists.

FishRoom meeting time:
Don't change it to much later time unless you want to get rid of us
Europeans!  Well, getting rid of me would mean more plant talk and
less stupid fish talk, so perhaps it would be worthwhile after all...

Plant descriptions:
Yes!  It would help me a lot if someone could explain all the terms like
cordate, spatulate, undulate and so on.  I have problems with them even
in Finnish, and I can't use them at all in English.  Ok, I know the
examples I used here, but that is about all I know of them.

Where I am from:
Espoo, Finland.  Just next to Helsinki.  Far, far away from most of you.

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