Re: Flowering of Echinodorus species

>Hello all,

>I'm looking for some info on getting my swords to 'flower'.  I have been
>able to propagate E. bleheri (or amazonicus, haven't figured out how to
>tell them apart) and what I think is E. macrophyllus, but I consider it
>cheating as the bloomstalks were already present.  Does anyone know what
>conditions induce flowering?  Any good references to point me too?  I
>also have E. cordifolius, E. osirus, E. bertorii (?) and am looking to
>order a ruffeled sword (E. martii?).  I have been able to propagate the
>E. osirus from a shoot off the rootstock and have heard it rarely 
>produces bloom stalks.  The E. bertorii has just sulked for a year, so 
>actually I'm more interested on info just to get it to survive.

>Thanks in advance,
>Paul Bucciaglia 

Flowering in Echinodorus is extremely variable. Some like emersed
conditions, while others flower only in a submersed state. Daylength is
also supposed to be a factor in flower induction. Since there wasn't any
other interest on this subject, I'll email you the specifics for the E.
species I have info on.