Re: Medications and Epsom Salts

On Wednesday, 20 September 1995, Mark A. Thompson wrote:

> Not responding to you in particular, Kevin.  Just jumping onto this
> thread.<g> I just wanted to point out that the October 1993 issue
> of FAMA has a very good article titled "Chemical Treatment Of
> Ectoparasites Afllicting Fish - Causes and Cures", written by Joe
> Gargas.  This article covers lots of chemic al treatments, side
> effects, levels of toxicity, and the effects on nitrifying bacteria.
> A "must read", IMHO.<g>

The 2nd part of the article (November) covers formalin and is indeed
good reading (perhaps the best article I've ever seen in FAMA.  I've
lost the October issue; would anyone be willing to mail me a photocopy
of part one of this article?)  I also use Untergasser, _Handbook of
Fish Diseases_, and Post, _Textbook of Fish Health_.  Douglas Thamm
recommends Stoskopf, _Fish Medicine_, and Tom Bailey alerted me to
Noga, _Fish Disease: Diagnosis and Treatment_.  I haven't had a chance
to look over the last two references.

> Epsom Salts is magnesium sulfate, correct?  Is the stuff you buy at the drug
> store suitable or does it contain extra junk we don't want?  Any problems
> related to the sulfur content?

My bottle of Epsom Salts from the pharmacy lists the ingredient as
magnesium sulfate heptahydrate USP (MgSO4.7H2O).  According to Paul Sears
(who lurks on this list) the sulfur is used by the plants for protein
synthesis.  My next batch of Poor Man's Dupla Drops will have about
2.5-3 tbsp of the stuff added to the mixture.
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