Re: Fishroom Chats

     I have tried (read intended) to try the Sat. Fishroom chat but
always find that when the time comes I am in the middle of something
that is difficult to stop (most often some outside garden task).  I
know it is hard to chose a time that is good across time zones but I
would find a time more to the end or beginning of the day easier.  Day 
of the week doesn't matter to me.  I currently connect most often at
6-8 am Easern time --obviously not good for westerners.

     Whatever time it is at,  I think using straight Telnet is almost
impossible if more than 2 people are involved.  Luckily the first time 
I connected I was told about Tiny Fugue software which is available for
FTP on the save machine as the FISHROOM.  This software divides your screen
into sending and receiveing  sections so you can type without interruption.
You have to compile the program after downloading but I found the directions