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 PK> >came up. He was chuckling because everyone under the sun has been
 PK> >calling him asking for Riccia. And he talks them all out of using it,
 PK> >saying it just won't work. Mike claims that the stuff will look like
 PK> >the pictures for about 3 weeks, then everything next to the rocks
 PK> >starts rotting and it all goes to h*ll. Has anybody out there actually
 PK> >tried tying this stuff to rocks to see how it will do?

 PK> Sounds like some scheme where you tie Riccia to stones with thread. 
 PK> Riccia has no mechanism for sticking to objects.  It wants to float at
 PK> the surface.  If it is tied down, as soon as the part tied dies and
 PK> decays, the rest will float up to the surface.  If you want an
 PK> underwater Chia pet, try it, but don't expect it to last.

Actually, Rica has special oxygen bubbles in its leaves to
be able to float, therefore it is COMPLETELY not prepared to
live underwater. It also flourishes best when lots of light
shines on it. So keeping Ricca tied to a rock has completely
no sense, I agree, Java moss is the one to try if someone
wants a plant to tie to a rock...

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