>From: "Dan Resler" <resler at liberty_mas.vcu.edu>
>Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 15:53:56 -0400 (EDT)
>Subject: Tritons
>> I can't agree with that "concensus" (if there was one).  I hate 
>> the purplish color of Tritons.  I also think they are over priced, 
>> and they _definitely_ don't last as long as they are purported to. 
>>  I use a combination of Vitalites and Phillips day light tubes in 
>> my tanks that have standard fluorescent lighting.
>Well, there's no accounting for taste, is there. <g> 
>Tritons give a tank a nice color that photographs well, IMHO. Not sure how
>long they're suppose to last, but I used to replace them every 6-8
>months and they did fine. And they're just about the brightest thing
>out there according to That Booth Guy's table.

I agree with Dan. I use a combination of 2 PennPlax Ultra Trilux and
1 Triton. The Triton adds warmer color to the Ultra Tri-lux which has bleached
white color. If you use other bulb that already has low color temperature
then the Triton will make it worse. As far as longevity, I have had good 
experience with them. I replaced them every 6-7 months and put them on
my "farm" tank. They are still kicking after 1 year. By that time, it's time
to throw it away because of the intensity degradation.