Re: Effect of medications

Derek wrote:
> I was planning to treat an outbreak of gill flukes in my Discus tank with 
> formaldehyde but I do not know if this is a safe medication to use in the 
> presence of plants.

I don't know if formaldehyde is safe or not; here is another method for
treating fish with diseases: Setup a small tank with a bubble cannister
filter (the old fashioned ones with carbon & floss). Replace the carbon
with gravel from your tank. This should contain enough nitrogen fixing
bacteria to keep ammonia in check. If you have the luxury of a few days
your can put the canister into your main tank to start a bacteria culture
on the filter floss. This serves two purposes: quarantines infected 
fishes and isolates the medicines to the treatment tank.  I read this 
suggestion on the *.aquaria FAQ to give proper credit.