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 c> My aponogeton crispus, much to my surprise, has sent a long spear  to the
 c> surface of my 20" deep tank.  The spear is roughly 40 inches long now, 
 c> with a lot of it laying on the surface...

 c> I'm shocked at this, because I haven't had a lot of luck with plants
 c> until  now, and this seems like a good development.  I've recently
 c> started adding an  iron supplement called Ferreal (sp?) and something
 c> called Plant Saver (hard  to get good fertilizers in my neck of the
 c> woods) which claims to provide  "Divalent electrolytes".  Lighting in
 c> the tank is a sore spot, with only 60  watts of flourescent.  Tank
 c> dimensions are 40x20x20 inches.

 c> I assume this is some sort of flower stalk....shouldn't it be sticking up
 c> out  of the water?  The plant has the misfortune of being located
 c> directly beneath  the discharge stream of an Aquaclear 300....could that
 c> have prevented the  stalk from standing up?  What should I do to produce
 c> seeds?  The speer is  currently featureless....no flower or any other
 c> markings.

Hmmm.. I've seen a flowering Aponogeton Crispus once,
actually its owner got rid of it during the winter and gave
it to me (to hold in the fridge for a month or two which I
did and it's still regrowing now...). I believe the stalk
should reach out of water, and when it does it does produce
small green flowers, which you can inseminate by running
over them with a small brush. It will then produce seeds,
and out of these seeds you will get new plants :)

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