Thanks for the reisponse to my pathetic questions about my little
plant tank.  In any case, I recieved a few clippings from a local pet
store of acertain plant.  I dont know what its called, scientific or
otherwise.  It kinda looks like a bottle brush with rather fine
"brissles".  Now dont go racking your brains for some exotic plant
type becouse I believe it to be very common.  Anyways, I through it in
my tank and tried to stick it in the gravel.  Some of the pieces
floated to the top, where I left them.  They were there about three
days before I saw long white "runners" ( I think you call them)
growing gravelward.  i again tried to plant them, carefully burrying
the new little roots (actually they are about 2 inches long).  Was
that the right thing to do?  I dont know!!!!
     Justin   Fresno, California,     justinf at zimmer_csufresno.edu