Re: Apon. seeds

> From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)
> Date: Mon, 18 Sep 95 21:45:23 PDT
> Subject: Re: Apon. seeds
> My inflourescence developed seeds despite laying in the water at the surface. 
> When quite a number of seed pods appeared, I just cut it off and kept it in a
> glass of the same water.  Every day 10 or so seed pods would burst and release
> one seed.  I gathered the seeds and planted them in fine sand.  We will see how
> this works out.  Mail me if you want notes on my apon. hatchery for the seeds. 
>  Dave
> Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com


Did you do anything special to your flower stalk?  E.g. brush it, let insects
fly around it?   I've had several flower stalks come off my Apon. crispus
but nothings ever developed - what's the secret?