Re: Holes in echinodorus leaves

>      And, someone gave me a great answer as to what he thought the holes in 
>      my echonidorus were resultant from--a shortage of 
>      something--potassium, maybe....unfortunately, I lost all my email and 
>      hoped whoever it was could resply again as to what deficiency may be 
>      causing the swiss-cheese-ification of my echonidorus....since it 
>      probably is not the malaysian snails.
>      Dave Huie


I think it's probably a magnesium deficiency, especially if the holes are
slightly yellow & turn browner with time.  Are you by chance using
Dupla 24 drops & Dupla tablets but not Duplagan? :-).  The former two don't
contain much Mg but the latter does.  Tropica Master Grow also contains Mg, as
does a Kent product, I'm not sure about Tetra Flora Pride, Seachems Flourish
or others.  You could try adding one of these "balanced fertilizers" or just
Epsom salts (particularly if you're already using some other type of "balanced
fertilizer" e.g. the Dupla 24 drops & tablets or Chelated Micronutrient Mix 
which also does not contain Mg).    I suggest you use a "balanced fertilizer"
if you're not already using one or else you may always be limiting your 
plants by some micronutrient, e.g. Molybdenum deficiency has some similar
symptoms to Mg deficiency (Yellow spots between leaf nerves, then brownish
areas along edges.  Inhibited flowering).  The Dupla tablets, Tropica Master
Grow and Chelated Micronutrient Mix all contain Mo. :-).

Madison, WI, USA.