Charter - aquatic plants list

>From: Stephen.Pushak at saudan_HAC.COM
>Date: Mon, 18 Sep 95 14:49:45 PDT
>Re: fish vs. plant discussion
>Rich - Hextek at aol_com wrote:
>> Sorry that fish are coming up when its supposed to be
>> about plants, but they are an integrated part of the aquarium
>> system.
>Not at all Rich!! Yes it's about plants but also about the fish used
>in plant tanks as well. Heck, sometimes we even talk about breeding
>fishes (how great a plant tank is for it). Shaj, if you haven't 
>already, how about posting the charter again?

OK, here it is.  You can retrieve a copy for yourself by e-mailing
majordomo at actwin_com with "info aquatic-plants" (leave out the quotes)
as the text of your email.



   The aquatic plant mailing list is intended to be a medium for exchange
   of information about all aspects of growing aquatic plants as a hobby.
   Postings on both aquarium plants and pond plants are welcome. Topics of
   discussion include (but are not limited to):

   1. Individual plant species (identification, cultivation, propagation, etc)
   2. Aquascaping
   3. Substrates - pros and cons of commercial substrate additives, potting
      soil, peat, etc.
   4. Water conditioners and fertilizers
   5. Hardware - heaters, filters, surface skimmers, etc.
   6. Compatibility of fish  and other organisms with aquatic plants
   7. Trades/exchanges between hobbyists

   Advertisements from commercial-scale operations are not permitted.

   This list has been exceptionally friendly and free of flames.  
   Keep it that way!  Arguments may be heated, but personal attacks
   and foul language are actively discouraged.