No Subject

I think Steve Pushak's volunteer to compile a list of the phsyical 
locations of people on this list is wonderful.  BTW - I live near New 
Haven, CT (and yes, I think New Haven is as awful a city as you may have 
heard, but grad school is only 5 years).
One of the things I find most difficult at the novice stage of the hobby 
(where I am) is finding sources (of info, of equipment, of tank 
inhabitants...)  I am at the point where I am disappointed in the stores 
I have found in my areas (most are pitiable and misinformed, others are 
only running a business).  There may be stores I don't know of, but what 
I think I really need at this stage is a local guru or aquarium society 
(I heard once that New Haven has one, but if so it is not listed in the 
large FAQ list of them - society that is;  there is no guru listing on 
the FAQs).  Thus a list of people who are more or less nearby to me with 
interest and experience in plant tanks would be a good thing.

I'll be looking forward to such a list.

steven petsch