Where everybody is from

Everybody seems to be getting into the spirit of adding their
home city, state, province or country to their postings.
Sad to say, aside from Arnold Ziffle nobody from my favourite
country, Philippines is on our list. I thought we might have
a few friends in Asia but a little digging revealed Hoa is
in San Diego and I think Hardjono is in San Francisco although
he never said so (just bought something there). I compiled a
list of names, email addresses and cities from the last few
digests for fun. I think I have most of the frequent posters
but there are a couple who it seems have never mentioned
where they live. I know there are several Canadians on the
list but very few locations there. Come on all you Canucks!
Time to de-lurk and help out your fellow aquatic gardeners.
Anybody know if there is an existing Aquatic Society here
in Vancouver or other Canadian Cities? How would we go about
contacting them or forming one on our own? How do you advertise
such a thing? Post notices in all the aquarium stores?

I won't distribute or post this name, internet address, city
listing at least until everyone has had a chance to request 
their name be excluded or raise objections to the idea.
If you wish to do so, you should contact me by email; that
way you stay anonymous! ;-) Do you think its ok and would
be a benefit? My apologies to Hoa and Hardjono if I 
accidentally gave away your locations to the Interpol or
FBI. ;-) BTW if you are one of the famous persons on this
group who doesn't want to be pestered by email from fans
in his/her neighbourhood, then that is no problem too.

 Steve Pushak - spush at hcsd_hac.com - Vancouver, BC, Canada

 |    Don't fear what you face; face what you fear!    |