Question #1:  Plant ID

I'm having a hard time identifying one of the nicest plants in my 55-gallon 
aquarium.  I've looked in several books (both Baensch atlases included) and 
can't seem to find a picture that exactly matches what I have.  I'm hoping you 
guys can help me out...

I suspect, especially after reading Karen's excellent article in AFM, that it's 
a crypt that looks the way it looks because it's under low light conditions, as 
I now understand that the same species of crypt can look different based on 
lighting intensity.  I've had the plant for about six months, and it is 
(currently) a low-growing rosette type plant with reddish-brown ovate (oval 
with a point on the end?) leaves on small stems.  It seems to be doing OK, as 
it usually puts out a new leaf every two weeks or so, straight out from the 
middle of the plant.  Each has three major veins - one in the middle and two 
near, but not on, either edge of the leaf.  The plant hasn't gained much height 
from the base in the time that I've had it.

Again, this plant is under low lighting conditions - 64 watts in a 55-gallon.  
And if you're wondering how I got 64 watts (as opposed to 80), then I'll 
segueway into:

Question #2:  Lighting Sources

PetStuff was recently bought out by PetSmart.  In the ensuing fire sale, I 
picked up a flourescent light fixture for my 55-gallon.  Unfortunately, the 
fixture only holds 42" T8 (1-inch diameter) light bulbs.  I found a place in 
California that carries 32 watt Sylvania bulbs which fit, so I ordered four.  
Unfortunately, I don't think these bulbs are ideal (or even close to ideal) for 
a plant tank.  I've heard that U.S. regulations are mandating the change from 
T12's (1-1/2 inch diameter) to T8's for energy reasons.  Anybody else heard of 
this?  Anybody know of a source for plant bulbs (Triton, Gro-Lux, anything - at 
this point I'm not being picky) in the size I need?  I've called every 1-800 
number I can find, and the mail order places don't seem to carry them.  Any 

Question #3:  SAE Source

I know this has been asked before, so forgive me - I didn't write it down the 
first time.  Does anyone know of a mail-order source for SAE's?  Nobody in 
Atlanta seems to stock them...

Thanks for all your help...

Todd Ellerbee
telrb at dbsoftware_com
Atlanta, GA