Aponogeton Crispus spear

My aponogeton crispus, much to my surprise, has sent a long spear 
to the surface of my 20" deep tank.  The spear is roughly 40 inches long now, 
with a lot of it laying on the surface...

I'm shocked at this, because I haven't had a lot of luck with plants until 
now, and this seems like a good development.  I've recently started adding an 
iron supplement called Ferreal (sp?) and something called Plant Saver (hard 
to get good fertilizers in my neck of the woods) which claims to provide 
"Divalent electrolytes".  Lighting in the tank is a sore spot, with only 60 
watts of flourescent.  Tank dimensions are 40x20x20 inches.

I assume this is some sort of flower stalk....shouldn't it be sticking up out 
of the water?  The plant has the misfortune of being located directly beneath 
the discharge stream of an Aquaclear 300....could that have prevented the 
stalk from standing up?  What should I do to produce seeds?  The speer is 
currently featureless....no flower or any other markings.

On another note, and with a tip of the hat to Stephen's witty post...I would 
be very interested in buying plants from anyone in the Saskatoon, SK, Canada 
area...please contact me at the address below if interested.

Paul Chapman,  Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada  e-mail chapman at SEDSystems_ca