Rotala wallichii


I eventually removed my Rotala wallichii after watching
how it got worse and worse over the last couple of
months. It had become infested with thread algae and
staghorn algae and the growth has slowed down more and
more until it looked really ugly and I had to take it

I am wondering whether it really is true what is
written in Baenschs aquarium atlas: it will grow only
for a while in hard water, but eventually die. That's
exactly what seemed to have happened here. First one or
two months it grew really well. It was getting full,
unshaded light directly under one of the 150 W MH
bulbs, I have CO2 supplementation (constant at about 15
mg/l) and use the Dupla fertilizers. Iron between 0.05
and 0.1 mg/l. Most of my other plants are growing well.

Has anyone had any long-term succes with this plant in
hard water? Mine is about 15 dGH and 10 dKH, ph 7.2 to
If yes, I suspect some medication I added to the tank a
while ago as the cause of demise.


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