Re: What about filters?

>G.Tong denotes these choices....

>>a. Powerhead driving foam filter.
>>b. Powerhead and UGF (I worry about the goop that collects under the plates.)
>>c. Powerhead, UGF and reverse flow
>>d. Penguin biowheel or anything where water cascades through air (Carbon
>>dioxide loss?)

Then Shaji (S.) Bhaskar said....

>When I set up my next tank, filtration is going to be a powerhead in
>reverse flow mode.  It will be attached to a skimmer-like intake at
>the top (to pull in all that nasty surface scum) and a spray-bar like
>return at the bottom of the tank (to provide circulation and prevent
>cold feet in winter).  I don't think my tank will need any bio
>filtration, but I may figure in a way to provide some mechanical
>filtration in the skimmer intake box.  Alternatively, I'll keep my
>canister running for mechanical filtration.

I'm surprised nobody likes the Webb-Kelly setup. It works like a charm.
All of the plants attempted grow well, in addition to several forms of
algae. This is because the lighting is 6 watts/gallon and I cannot get
hold of any Ameca splendens or SAMs. The middle layer of the substrate
contains, contrary to my initial belief, no clay (or laterite), only fine
sand and vermiculite. It only requires a cheap FLUVAL with spray-bar and
a UG plate. The one initial problem encountered was due to a large fall
in the dH of the tap water that had gone unmeasured, and my sloppiness
in not noticing a pinched CO2 line. It's a plant factory operating under
a thick mist of beard algae. Due to the high CEC of the vermiculite, in
theory this system should be very stable with respect to nutrients. Root
development is pretty good. In fact I gave up trying to pull out rotala
and just snipped the stems off where they met the surface of the gravel.
Let them rot.

By the way does anyone run multiple aquaria off of one CO2 tank, and
if so, what sort of airline tubing and valves are preferable? Do any
valves or tubing "leak" CO2?

Besides the Lace plant which are the difficult plants that people have
had success or failure with? I always had trouble with myriophyllum,
although no CO2 was used.