Amano & Mike T.

Just had a long conversation with Mike T. at Delaware Aquatics (easy
to do - the man is not lacking in opinions <g>). Anyway, Amano's book
came up. He was chuckling because everyone under the sun has been
calling him asking for Riccia. And he talks them all out of using it,
saying it just won't work. Mike claims that the stuff will look like
the pictures for about 3 weeks, then everything next to the rocks
starts rotting and it all goes to h*ll. Has anybody out there actually
tried tying this stuff to rocks to see how it will do?

He also mentioned that everyone wants Glossostigma (who wouldn't after
seeing Amano) but he can't get it *anywhere*. He claims that Europeans
can't either - he gets calls from Germany asking for it! (Odd - its
listed in Dennerle). 

Any Australians out there? Can you readily get it? And how many years
would you get if you were caught shipping boxes of it to the States?

Dan Resler

Dept. of Mathematical Sciences            
Virginia Commonwealth University           
Richmond, VA                                    
23284-2014 USA
email: resler at liberty_mas.vcu.edu