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>From: Mike Bateman <vandi at well_com>
>Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 17:32:22 -0700
>Subject: Re: RO

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>100% pure H2O I'd buy it.  I intend to "regenerate" this filtered water
>in one of two ways: Either by using Kent's RO Right and pH Stable to add
>"stuff" back into the water (and to bring the KH/GH back up to "optimum"
>levels) or by finding the right mix using RO/DI water & unsoftened tap
>water. Maybe I need to do both.

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>Whaddya think?
>Mike from St. Louis, MO <g>

Hi Mike!  I've been using a SpectraPure 50gpd RO unit for several months now
and have been very happy with it (mine doesn't have the DI).  In a fairly
recent issue of FAMA (can't remember which), I read an article where the
author claimed that adding 1 tsp. of a good synthetic sea salt per 10 gal of
DI water was better than any "RO Right" kind of product.  The author makes the
comment that many RO units don't produce pure enough water to worry about
putting stuff back in, but I think the SpectraPure units are quite good.  The
water that comes from mine has <= .5 DH and <= .5 KH.  I use the Tetra tests
but double the water so each drop counts for .5.  After adding 1 tsp/10 gal my
DH goes up to 2.  I also add a bit of sodium bicarb to increase KH and reach
the proper pH.  My fish have been doing quite well in this formula and I
noticed an improvement in my plants as well.  pH has been very stable as well.
Before spending a bunch of money on expensive additives you ought to give
sea salt and sodium bicarb a shot.

Another tip: Put an airstone or bubble wand in your RO reservoir (sp?) and
start the air pump going about a day before you intend to use the water.  The
pH of my RO water is somewhere around 7.6-7.8 (can't remember exactly) and
drops to 6.6 after bubbling (the oxygenation doesn't hurt either<g>).  I
collect my RO water in a 55 gal plastic drum and bubble it with a 10" bubble
wand and a Tetra Luft G pump.  Be sure to put the stone/wand near the bottom
of the reservoir to maximize circulation.  Have fun!
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