re:What about filters?

>From: gtong at SIRIUS_COM (G.Tong)
>Date: Sat, 16 Sep 1995 20:54:06 -0700
>Subject: What about filters?
>a. Powerhead driving foam filter.
>b. Powerhead and UGF (I worry about the goop that collects under the plates.)
>c. Powerhead, UGF and reverse flow
>d. Penguin biowheel or anything where water cascades through air (Carbon
>dioxide loss?)

When I set up my next tank, filtration is going to be a powerhead in
reverse flow mode.  It will be attached to a skimmer-like intake at
the top (to pull in all that nasty surface scum) and a spray-bar like
return at the bottom of the tank (to provide circulation and prevent
cold feet in winter).  I don't think my tank will need any bio
filtration, but I may figure in a way to provide some mechanical
filtration in the skimmer intake box.  Alternatively, I'll keep my
canister running for mechanical filtration.