What about filters?

All the fervor on this list has inspired me to take on a 40-gallon plant
tank. How I'll feel about it after it's set up will probably depend on the
credit card bill.

But anyway ... I've read messages here and in books about most everything
except recommendations on filtration systems. What do you folks recommend
OTHER than an external Eheim-type canister system? (Not that I'm excluding
Eheim. I just want to know about the others. I'm also assuming canisters
are your first choice.)

a. Powerhead driving foam filter.
b. Powerhead and UGF (I worry about the goop that collects under the plates.)
c. Powerhead, UGF and reverse flow
d. Penguin biowheel or anything where water cascades through air (Carbon
dioxide loss?)

Please don't tell me there are still other choices ... Thanks!

Greg. Tong
gtong at sirius_com

"Every infinity is composed of only two halves."