Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #14

About Duplagan and Mg-- I use Dupla drops and tablets but not Duplagan.  I
use peat(changed monthly) in my canister filter which softens the water and
presumably provides some of the Duplagan goodies.  I have noticed yellow
areas on the leaves of my anubias recently which according to that 
excellent plant symptom list could be due to lack of Mg. Does it make sense
to add Duplagan with peat?  Could I use Epsom salts-- they sell pharmacy
grade Epsom salts in the drug store here.  How much would I add (I don't
have an accurate scale for small amounts of material)?

PS--Re the otto cats that spawned in August, thanks for all the suggestions.
     Those eggs hatched, but the babies died after a week due to wild
      temperature swings and me not finding anything for them to eat.  I
      have another batch now which look more hopeful ( much larger at same
      age).  I still can't get "green water" growing however.

    Cathy Drzyzgula--gardening inside and out in Maryland.