Re: RO

Dave Gomberg wrote,
> But WHY would you want to further reduce the Ca? Seems just fine as it
> is.  If I were you, I would get a RO without a DI.  If you are going
> to use softened input, I think the DI is not very useful and possibly
> harmful. Incidently, I notice that you have a fair amount of Mg.  It
> behaves somewhat similarly to Ca, so the notes above will pretty apply
> to it too.
Thanks for the input Dave.  I'm not terribly concerned about removing
too much of anything.  If they made affordable units that would product
100% pure H2O I'd buy it.  I intend to "regenerate" this filtered water
in one of two ways: Either by using Kent's RO Right and pH Stable to add
"stuff" back into the water (and to bring the KH/GH back up to "optimum"
levels) or by finding the right mix using RO/DI water & unsoftened tap
water. Maybe I need to do both.
Kent's R/O Right claims to be a brew of all the essential stuff.  The
jar lists Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium as well as "other Minor
& Major trace minerals".  PH Stable says it contains carbonic acid
monosodium salts.  Both claim to be Nitrate and Phosphate free.
I would think after using Kent's additives, Duplagan, Duplaplant, and
Duplaplant24 that I would have pretty fish/plant friendly aquarium water.
I lean towards this solution.  This way I know (for the most part) what
I am adding to the water.
Whaddya think?
Mike from St. Louis, MO <g>