> Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 19:41:29 -0500 (CDT)
> Subject: Duplagan
> Would somebody post the instructions for using Duplagan?  I'd like
> to figure out how much it costs to use.  I have a 75 gal tank and change
> about 15 gallons of water a week.  I use the Dupla plant tabs and 24 hour
> drops.  Also what are the benifits to plants of duplagan?  Is it mainly 
> for the fish?  

I use Duplaplant and Duplaplant24 but draw the line at using Duplagan.
It is bloody expensive, even if you buy it by the tank-car load like George
does. I did use it for the first 3 months in my 90 but then stopped; I
noticed no differences at all except in my bank balance. TOA says it
adds "protective colloids" for the fishes skin and gills which
supposedly makes them "less sensitive to germs, fungi, and various
parasites". In other words, it's irrelevant. <grin>

dan "Just Say No to Duplagan" resler

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