Re:Clown Loaches

Rich wrote:

<Snip>  I had three clown loaches in my newly planted discus tank and they
destroyed the plants. I will try a tiger botia  (maybe temporarily to 'house
clean' the tank) if
it won't destroy my plants.  Anyone else try these as a snail preditor?

Thanks,  Rich


What kind of plants do you have? I have a pair of Clown Loaches (Botia
macracanthas) in one of my tanks and they have never bothered my plants.
Though the planting in this tank is rather simple, a few varieties of
Cryptocorynes,and some Echinodorus.

I find the andics of these fish quite amusing. Perhaps you might consider
trying them with another type of plantings...Or perhaps the Clowns are not
getting their required nutrition, or lastly perhaps you are blaming them for
another fishes criminal behavior.

The Tiger Botia you are considering is a member of the same family and will
have similiar habits. 
Corona, Ca. USA