Addendum: (Strange water values)

Well, I should have delurked more carefully. In my previous mail I
forgot to mention one critical tank factor - filtration! I use a Hagen
Fluval 303, with ceramic donuts, fibrous peat, and foam.

I'm also interested in hearing about people's CO2 reactor designs. I'm
trying to decide whether to construct something which would be
hideable in my aquarium cabinet, or whether to bubble small amounts of
CO2 into my filter intake. Given the very soft water here, I'd feel
safer being able to see the bubbling occur; I realize that's a little
irrational, since one gets much better information from
hardness/pH. Call me crazy.

Oh, one more thing. I picked up a copy of _Dynamic Aquaria_ a few
weeks ago; it's quite interesting. On first glance it looks more like
a textbook than a reference book, but it's quite readable and has been
very informative so far - quite the "big picture" book, but with lots
of detail too. I also picked up Loiselle's _The Cichlid Aquarium_ just
a few days ago; it looks great (excellent photographs and nicely done
process color) but I haven't had a chance to look it over too
carefully yet.