Re:Group plant order

> From: gomberg at wcf_com (Dave Gomberg)
> I have been thinking about a group plant order to Horizon Growers (they give a
> break at 100 pots), but I really can't use 100 pots myself.  The price would be
> $1.80 per pot plus Priority Mail shipping.  That is usually $3-5.  They have a
> list of about 60 available species.  I will type it in if needed.

Does it have a selection of Crypts? They are hard to find here esp for a
reasonable price. Small ones is fine. They grow to be big in my tank but
if there's lotsa little ones in a pot, its especially a good deal. :-)

> The reason for this test mail is that I got a lot of crap last time I tried to
> put together something like this ... <CLIP>
> Anyway, if getting 3-6 new species (to you) for $2.50 a pot turns you on, post
> to the list some encouragement.

[ENCOURAGEMENT ;-)] This is a good idea because it can help all of us I
would think. The $2.50 would include shipping and handling? This is
what's going to add to the costs. If not and you factor that in, it might
not be worth it unless the selection is plants you can't get otherwise.

I think the phyto sanitary certificate required to import plants into
Canada is going to preclude us Canadians from participating in this. Do
you think that could be handled Dave? I'd pay a bit extra in order to get
a selection of Cryptocorynes. However, what are the chances of those being
sold at $1.80 a pot (wholesale as it were)?

> Dave Gomberg, Experimenta      San Francisco CA USA   gomberg at wcf_com

I like this method of adding your city (country) location in your
signature. It really helps people to know who's in their neighbourhood.
I think we should all start doing this. Hey George, what state are you
in anyway? I know you told me once, but I long since deleted that email.

You know there are a lot more people reading this mailing list than actively
posting on it??? A lot of them seem to be shy about asking if there is
anybody in their neighbourhood with a few spare plants. Personally, I
think sharing with your neighbours is the best way for people to build
up a selection of plants. It has taken me a long time to get my collection
and lately I've seen a lot more varieties but it has been slow. If I'd
lived close to George Bush, Karen Randall, Dave (gosh do I have to list
everybody here?)... all you guys, well I could have found a lot more
plants earlier and gotten good advice, seen how you did it. Well, heck,
it would have been just DUCKY!

There is the commercial aspect to this and (rightly so) some of us are
real sensitive to the commercial use of the internet for personal gain.
On the otherhand, if I was getting a few plants from my buddy, I'd
feel like I should compensate him for his efforts, cost of electricity,
fertilizer, time, years of experience (blah,blah,blah) not to mention
love and devotion required to parent these little plants until they
are big enough to go out into the wide world on their own. So I'd
say its wrong to advertise here if you're trying to profit out of it.
Maybe all that should be said is to add your location to the signature
line and people could contact you. Not to mention, I'm sure there are
other organizations in a lot of cities where people can make contacts.

Anyways, several people have contacted me (not realizing that I live way
up here in the frozen tunda ;-) across the border, miles of permits away.
They're just too shy (not like me, eh?) to post here requesting a little
help getting going. Just so you don't feel shy, I'll post an example
for you:

Subject: Newbie wants to find neighbours with aquatic plants

Hi there people (blush)!

This is my first time posting here etc. etc. blah blah [optional, eh]

I have a 500 gallon tank and a 30 watt fluorescent that came with it
and I'm wondering what I should put in it. I got some sword plants
and hygro diff-something but looking for something different. Anybody
live close to me and have plants to spare???

I live in Cagayan de Oro City which is in Mindanao, Philippines.
I'd be willing to travel as far as Iligan City. I occasionally travel
to Davao and have relatives in Cebu City who visit once in a while.

I don't have any American dollars but those funny lace plants with
holes in the leaves grow wild in the ditches here and I hear they are
hard to find someplaces. We also have manok and baboy to trade!

If you know of anybody or can help me out, I'd be every so eternally
grateful! Daghang salamat po!!! :-)

Arnold Ziffle          Cagayan de Oro   RP    arnold at pinoy_com

joke de ba! ;-)

Steve ;-)              Vancouver BC Canada    spush at hcsd_hac.com