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Yoadie yo ho !!!

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 >> Clown loach IS tiger botia I believe...

 LS> Well, yes and no...  In English, clown loach means Botia macracanthus
 LS> and tiger botia means one of the more densely striped botias, Botia

Oh... It may be correct, lthough here they call Botia
macracantha "Tiger botia"...

 LS> dario. In many languages (including Finnish) the common name for clown
 LS> loach means something like "tiger loach" or "tiger licker".

 LS> My reticulated loaches (Botia lohachata) have never touched my plants. I

Correct, They are very timid from what I know... However I'm
not sure if they are effective in snail consumption...

 LS> have six smallish ones in my 280 liter (75g) tank with other Asian
 LS> fishes.  (Gee I like these fish questions here in Aquatic-Plants!  I
 LS> know so much more about fish than plants!) :-)

 >> get a Macropod (Macropodus opercularis) - it's not as
 >> effective as a botia but will not hurt your plants. A

 LS> More common English name for it is Paradisefish.

Ok, you're right. :) Sorry, it's just hard to know the names
in three languages ;))) (Polish, Latin and English :)

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