Anubias leaves

Hello all,

	Yesterday my fairly smallish Anubias opened up it's new leaf.  
Unfortunately, this leaf is a lot smaller than all the other, and has 
holes in it thatt look like snails have gotten to it.  However, none of
my other plants have these holes, and it's only this leaf!
I also noticed that it ttook a lot longer to grow and open than in the past.

I starting to think that my tank is slowing down. It's almost 12 months 
old, and back then I did not know what Laterite was! I liquid fertilize, but
do not yet have a CO2 unit.  Is my little holed leaf because of lack of 
soil nutrients, or is it something else?

Also george, have you tried the Dupla Suplhate test kit, PO4 if I 
remember correctly - I'm an electrical engineer - not a chemist!
I was recommended it by my local shop, but maybe I was told wrong!

Steve Amor
n1036416 at student_fit.qut.edu.au