Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #7

> >Since you're all speculating where laterite comes from, let me add >fuel to 
> the fire.
> >My Duplarit docs say that the product is from Sri Lanka.
> Yes this is correct, but we are talking about Australia here!
> Australia's custom laws prevent the importing of laterite from Sri Lanka. 
> Don't ask me why. We have some wierd custom laws.
> Because of this we have to get it from a local source.

Yes, Yes.  When I originally posted the request, I wanted to know if 
anyone knows WHERE in Australia Dupla's laterite comes from?

Somebody mentioned near Perth - or North Queensland.  Either way, I was 
wondering if we could buy some off someone for a whole lot less than Dupla
sell it for...

> Hiya all,
> I have to replace a couple of my 40 watt tubes this week and I am after some 
> advice on what to use.
> Currently I am using some Tri-phosphor tubes made by nec, but I am wondering 
> what other good tubes are out there that are good for plant growth.
> Thanks for any advice.

> Markus!
> Australia
> Reply to: MICSBMS @ DOME (Mark Shewell)

Markus, I think the general consensus is that Triton tubes are best (or at
least a combination that contains at least one).  
I din't know where you are, but a 3ft fresh water Triton costs $44.95 up 
and a 4ft is slightly more

Steve Amor	n1036416 at droid_fit.qut.edu.au
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane