Re: Where to get plants? (cheaper)

Last time I said:
> A good way to get started is to get in touch with an aquatic plants person
> near your city. Just tell us where you live. Lots of us have extra plants
> which grow quite quickly under good conditions and sell them to offset
> costs. Typically this is much cheaper than spending a fortune at the
> aquarium store. There are mail order places for the more exotic ones and
> we have a list of US ones. The complete info on this is too large to include
> here but email me or you can find it in the archives for this mailing list.

Ouch! Did I just volunteer to be the distribution point for info on mail
order places? May I recind that offer graciously? Instead let me edit up
the material to a short list and re-post it for those who missed it the
first time. I think similar information is available in the *.aquaria
plant FAQ and it is probably more up to date.

To clarify how to get in touch with people in your area; in general, we
here on the list don't know where everybody else lives. That info is not
available (nor should it be; invasion of privacy and all that). What I'm
proposing (if nobody objects to this idea) is that those of us seeking
plants and those of us with plants (not commercial scale operations)
post our location and info here. Hopefully, the list doesn't get
inundated but on the other hand, there's no reason to be shy. This is
within the charter of the mailing list as I understand it. BTW, I am
in Vancouver BC Canada if anybody is in that neighbourhood and I do have
limited amounts of several species of stem plants every couple of weeks
or so for those wishing to start up tanks or add a few varieties.

Here is a list of some mail order places:

Aquaflora (Singapore) Pte Ltd. Plot 11 and 12 Joan Road,
        Singapore 1129
        Phone 2522861, FAX 2520956
        email Jimmy Lim at limahong at singnet_com.sg

Bay Area Aquatic Plants. 50 San Pablo Ct. Moraga, CA 94556-2728
        Phone (510)376-3255, press 2, FAX (510)376-3255, 
        email 70262.355 at compuserve_com

Delaware Aquatic Imports. 18 Anderson Rd. Newark, DE 19713
        Phone (302) 738-4042

Horizon Growers. PO Box 2330. Ramona, CA 92065
        Phone (619) 789-2983, FAX (619) 789-0297

Natural Aquarium and Terrarium. 3209 Bouquet Rd. Pacific, MO 63069
        Phone (800) 423-4717, (314) 458-4717, FAX (314) 4589-9722

That Fish Place. 237 Centerville Rd. Lancaster, PA 17603
        Phone (800) 733-3829, FAX (800) 786-3829

Good luck and happy aquatic gardening!