Re: Tiger botia, clown loach

Based on a message from Yoadie yo ho! - oops, I mean Tonid to All:

> Clown loach IS tiger botia I believe...

Well, yes and no...  In English, clown loach means Botia macracanthus and
tiger botia means one of the more densely striped botias, Botia dario.
In many languages (including Finnish) the common name for clown loach means
something like "tiger loach" or "tiger licker".

My reticulated loaches (Botia lohachata) have never touched my plants.
I have six smallish ones in my 280 liter (75g) tank with other Asian
fishes.  (Gee I like these fish questions here in Aquatic-Plants!  I
know so much more about fish than plants!) :-)

> get a Macropod (Macropodus opercularis) - it's not as
> effective as a botia but will not hurt your plants. A

More common English name for it is Paradisefish.

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