Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #9

From: Roger Crowther <lysander at crl_com>
Subject: CO2 Measurement


> While I agree with Karen that measuring CO2 may not be an essent
> experienced aquatic gardeners, I think I might have solved this 
> bit quicker if I had been making direct measurements instead of 
> table.

Just for the record, that's _not_ what I said.<g>  I think that 
measuring CO2 levels _is_ important.  What I said was that if you 
use a _good_ KH test, a _good_ pH test and a _good_ chart, you can 
get a close enough reading on your pH without a separate test kit. 
 It is unrealistic to expect the chart to give a correct CO2 
reading if the other numbers are bad.  (Garbage in, garbage out! 

Also, as you noted to John Ching, it is perfectly possible to 
screw up a pH (or CO2) test by degassing, so this method is not 
fool proof either.

Subject: Qualifying questions


> How about:
> Please answer as many as possible of the following questions.  W
> in some cases you may not know the answer.  Do not let that disc
> answer as many as you can:
> 1. What size tank do you have?   _____ US gallons or _____ liter
> 2. What depth?  _____ inches or _____ cm
> 3. What substrate (gravel, sand, or ???)? ______________________
> 4. What particle size? ______ mm x ______ mm
> 5. What kind of lights do you have over your tank? _____________
> 6. What is your lighting schedule?  ____________________________
> 7. How many and what size fish do you have in your  tank?  _____
>    ____________________________________________________________
> 8. Would you say you feed them lightly or heavily? _____________
> 9. What kind of food? __________________________________________
> 10.  Do you add (inject) CO2? _____________
> 11.  Do you add any fertilizers (describe as completely as possi
>    ___________________________________________________________
> 12.  Please indicate test values for as many of the following wa
> constituents as possible (tell units used):
>    pH
>    KH
>    CO2
>    Ca
>    Fe
>    N
>    PO4
>    K
>    any others you know
> 13.  Now describe the symptoms or problems you are having:  ____
>    ___________________________________________________________
>    ___________________________________________________________
>    ___________________________________________________________
>    ___________________________________________________________
>    ___________________________________________________________
>    ___________________________________________________________


Good start.  I'd like to see the following questions added:

All tank dimensions

Water conditioners used

Medications added to tank within the past 60 days

Under testing: 

   pH AM and PM

   Spell out what we're testing for.  "N", "PO4" and "K" don't    
mean anything to beginners.  Add copper to the list.

Planting density, types of plants.