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 H> Thanks for the reply.  Will the tiger botias eat my plants?  I had three
 H> clown loaches in my newly planted discus tank and they destroyed the
 H> plants.

Clown loach IS tiger botia I believe...

 H> I will try a tiger botia  (maybe temporarily to 'house clean' the tank)
 H> if it won't destroy my plants.  Anyone else try these as a snail
 H> preditor?

Tiger botias can destroy some plants, it's true, but they
mostly just uproot them. Another idea might be to try and
get a MAcropod (Macropodus opercularis) - it's not as
effective as a botia but will not hurt your plants. A
siamese fighting fish also sometimes eats snails, but not as
well as a Macropod.

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