Bristle nose plecostomus

The local Aquarium Services store has some bristle-nosed plecos in stock.
I'd like to pick up on of these and was curious about his habits. Does he
like to consume the ubiquitous brush algae as much as his reputation implies?
How likely is he to ravage H. poly and H. diff? Will he bother these if
there is a sufficient supply of algae or other foods? Is he fond of frozen
blood worms and tubifex? Will zuchini, spinach and lettuce be enough to keep 
him happy and away from softer plants? Has anyone fed chinese or conventional
cabbage? If there is thread algae in lilaeopsis, is he going to pull all
this up rooting around in the gravel and will he consume thread algae?
Are Valisneria tasty to him? Ludwigia acuata? Do the little barbels on 
his head sting? How unpleasant/painful is this? Any other caveats?

I picked up two more Farlowella cats last night. These ones have a brown
appearance with large scales, dark edges which give them a cross-hatch
appearance. They are much larger than my first one and remained completely
motionless for hours. After a few weeks of shyness, my first has become
relatively active, frequently moving around and feeding. Perhaps these
ones are nocturnal? The fish guy said they are getting some royal farlies
in soon. Anybody have any of these? What are they like?