Re: Where to get plants? (cheaper)

Justin asked:
>      I'm trying to set up a plant tank for the first time.  I have the
> CO2, the filtration, and the lighting, but only one plant.  i bought
> an Amizon Sword for 3 bucks.(I dont even know if thats expensive?)  I
> want to try out growing some plants for a while before I drop alot of
> money into it, or set up a bigger tank with plants.  
>      Is there mail order places for live plants?
>      Can I get live plants out of the wild?
>      (Would I want to?)

A good way to get started is to get in touch with an aquatic plants person
near your city. Just tell us where you live. Lots of us have extra plants
which grow quite quickly under good conditions and sell them to offset
costs. Typically this is much cheaper than spending a fortune at the
aquarium store. There are mail order places for the more exotic ones and
we have a list of US ones. The complete info on this is too large to include
here but email me or you can find it in the archives for this mailing list.
You can collect wild plants but its easier to start with ones which you
know are easy to grow and don't have parasites and snails etc.