Catching Up:

Been away in Rome for a couple of weeks, and just waded through 36 issues 
of APD!  Gak, that takes a while...

From Karen Randall, Re:  Problem Form Idea

> When I was over on Fishnet, we had a "Check Up Form" that people could
> fill out and submit if they were having a problem with their planted tank. 
> That way we could help them without playing 20 questions. 

> What do people think of doing the same kind of thing here?  We could
> either put it in the FAQ, or maybe ask Erik if it could be stored in "The
> Krib".  I don't mind helping people trouble shoot, but if I can run
> through the whole tank set up at once, rather than getting the info
> piecemeal, it's usually a lot easier. 

We were talking about such a diagnostic form for FISH in the FAQ working
group, and decided it was a good idea (but nobody stepped forward to 
write a draft yet).  It would certainly be easy to implement such a thing 
in the Plant FAQ.  So someone write a draft and we'll stick it in. :)

From mtate at laurel_ocs.mq.edu.au (Marcus C. Tate) Re: Photography
Date Mon, 4 Sep 1995 10:32:18 +1000

>3. Having set up my tank I would like to take some photos on a regular basis
>(say every week) so that I can record its development. Does anybody have any
>tips for photographing aquariums ? I imagine that it is not
>as easy as it looks!

There are some articles on this archived on the Krib (see, for instance,

I like to use 2 different approaches when I photograph my tanks.  First, 
for getting the plants and "whole tank" shots, I just use a tripod and 
the available tank light.  I also use slow-speed good ol' Kodachrome-64.  
The fish come out a little blurry, but the plants are crystal-clear.
When I take fish pictures, I use a flash-on-a-cord held above the tank or 
at a high angle.  In both cases, it helps to be able to manually control 
your camera's speed and f-stop, and be prepared to waste a few rolls 
experimenting ("bracketing") with different settings to find out what 
works best.

Re: Nichrome Wire

One posting talked about using Nichrome wire instead of Dupla-ish 
flexible cables.  A few months back, someone posted a source for insulated 
Nichrome wire on rec.aquaria, and I forwarded the post here;  I didn't 
archive the thing, but I did buy some of this wire from the guy.  It's 
made by Belden and insulated with PVC.  I'll try it with my next tank.

  - Erik

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