Re: Poor Man's Dupla Drops

Kevin Conlin writes....

>After much experimentation, I've concocted my own version of Dupla Drops.
>The recipe is:
>  1 tbsp (15ml) Chelated Trace Element Mix (7% Fe)
>  1.5 tsp (7.5ml) K2SO4
>  1 tsp (5ml) KNO3
>  180ml distilled H2O (mix in the trace elements first)
>For my 135g tank I add about 7.5ml of this mixture every day, except
>when I do a 25% water change, in which case I add 15ml.  This keeps
>the Fe at about 0.25ppm and the nitrates around 10ppm. 

You're very meticulous. I use the mix and K2SO4 in most tanks; however,
I dose once or twice a week and prefer to keep the two ingredients
separate. Do you think that there is an advantage to the daily routine?
The KNO3 is a good idea. In fishless tanks I also tried, with varied
success, a total hydroponic mix from the same company. In those tanks
the plants seemed to require the Chelated Trace Element Mix as well.

What bothers me about pond tabs and hydroponic mixes is that the
phosphate, nitrate, etc. content is given, but the salts that
deliver the ingredients are not. This might make a difference vis-
a-vis solubility and possible chemical reactions in the water and

By the way, three cents sounds pretty steep. Someone is ripping you