Re: Straw for algae control

Re:  Question from Lenny Lim regarding use of straw in ponds to 

> You need feed quality
> because it should not be treated as is straw used for animal bed
> anyone knows where it get it, please help.

I don't know much about ponds, and have never tried using straw 
for algae control.  But I _do_ know about large animals.<g>  Straw 
is _not_  a feed.  It is a bedding material.  HAY is what is fed 
to animals.  Straw is the stems left after the grass is allowed to 
go to seed, and the grain has been harvested. (hay is cut while 
still green, and should not have ripened and gone to seed)  Straw 
has very little nutritional value.  

I have never heard of straw being "treated".  What _can_ happen is 
that they sell lower quality straw that has become wet and moldy, 
or otherwise contaminated as mulch for gardens, and for road work. 

Don't want you all running around looking for something that 
doesn't exist.<g>