Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #5

Regarding Roger's question on test kits. When I first got into co2 use I 
bought a Lamotte co2 test kit because I think, in general, they are the 
best kits around.  Also their reagent replacement cost is reasonable.  
Started doing testing and saw that something was way off.  Co2 levels 
were inconsistant with K and pH values.  Turned out the reagent in the 
co2 kit must have been old.  Bought new reagents and things came more 
into line.  Never got to the point of being able to replicate the 
k-co2-pH tables but was satisfied.  
However, due to the questionable shelf life of the reagent for co2 
testing I stopped using the thing.  Once you have a co2 system in 
operation you will tend to do less testing.  I would suggest if you 
really want a co2 tester that you go in with others and share one, check 
your local school chemistry dept and see if you can borrow one, have your 
fish club buy one etc because most of us won't get value from using one.

If you do decide to get one, I still like the Lamotte but admit to an 
experience of one tester.  BTW, the price on the Dupla made the LaMotte 
decission easy!